I Just Want To Play The Drums!

I Just Want To Play The Drums!

It’s a statement that many parents have heard when they’re negotiating with their child on what instrument they should pursue.

“But wouldn’t you like to play the guitar or the flute? (Translation: something that causes our already hectic household the least additional sound input.)

“I just want to play the drums!”

Cool. Percussion is actually an excellent area of music for a growing musician to study and understand; it offers insights into the rhythmic progression of music that would benefit all musicians and musical students.

Some people are naturals, but drumming can be learnt by literally anyone with a pulse; it just takes practice. If you have a soundproof room, a farm, or an extensive network of understanding neighbours, you will be already sorted. Get yourself a drum kit!

But if you live in suburbia (like many of us), you may not have these opportunities.

That’s when an electronic drum kit comes into play. A good quality electronic kit can provide the learner with every opportunity they need to practice and play at home, and all through headphones.

Music practice happens, the neighbours can’t hear it; household harmony prevails.

Good electronic kits provide the full experience; drum pads with various strike zones for different sounds, responsive hi-hat and kick pedals, and a whole lot of extras.

Yamaha’s DTX series come supported by their user-friendly apps that have a massive range of options in drum sounds and setup, as well as training modules, recording abilities and external inputs. That means you can upload and play to you favourite songs and artists.

Super-fun, super-productive, super quiet.

Go and try one at your local music shop!