Yamaha’s TransAcoustic Series Takes Acoustic Potential Further

Yamaha’s TransAcoustic Series Takes Acoustic Potential Further

Acoustic is acoustic, right? Well, kind of…

The sounds you can get from an acoustic guitar reflect the nature of a beautiful relationship between the player and the instrument, one that is greatly influenced by the materials, design and construction of the guitar itself.

As you play, the strings vibrate and create a frequency that is resonated through the body of the guitar, providing sounds and tones that reflect it’s physical construction.

What Yamaha has done with their TransAcoustic series is take this age-old relationship and tweaked it…

They’ve done this by introducing an internal actuator that senses the vibration of the strings, processes them through adjustable reverb and chorus effects, then transfers the resulting resonances back into the guitar body to be projected out in the fashion of a traditional acoustic guitar.

The outcome is frankly amazing! It has the solid tones and organic sounds that we’ve come to expect from Yamaha, particularly their middle to higher end acoustic guitars, with the added luxury of room or hall reverb, and a chorus effect that contributes a wonderful complexity and depth to the end sound.

As a straight-up acoustic guitar the TransAcoustic easily holds its own; the FG-TA features a solid Sitka Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, nato neck and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. This combination, built within Yamaha’s famously strict quality control system, means that it’s an impressive instrument straight out of the box.

When you add in the ingenious technology of their TransAcoustic system, you have a guitar that is endlessly fun to play and explore sounds with.

The slim neck brings an easy and comfortable feel to the left hand and the simple yet intriguing array of effects, managed via three unobtrusive knobs on the crest of the bass bout of the body, create the sort of potential that acoustic players everywhere will love!

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